Luxury Yachts

Buying a luxury yacht is a big decision that you can make, so it pays to check with Elite1 Group for useful, comprehensive advice in buying a super yacht. You can browse the company’s listing of feature luxury yachts available for sale and for charter. Also, you can search for database for a yacht for sale or for charter across the world.

Elite1 Group is the industry leader in providing professional and skilled screw for luxury yachts of all sizes. For over thousands of crew touching the company’s systems each day, Elite1 Group is one of the largest crew agencies across the world. The company’s highly trained staff can help match the crew of your yacht ensuring that they have a mix of good personality, experience, and competence.

These days, luxury yachts are plentiful in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Seas. While some luxury yachts are used by their private owners for pleasure, some are strictly operated for business purposes online. Whether you’re looking for a luxury yacht for charter or for sale, it will cost tens of thousands to hundred thousands of dollars. In addition, the initial cost of yacht for charter often excludes the cost of food, lodging, and fuel. With so many things to consider in chartering or buying a luxury yacht, it’s to your advantage if you seek help from professionals.

Elite1 Group can help you find the best luxury yacht to charter or to buy, and take away from your hands the necessary paper work needed to get the yacht that you want to use to travel to a particular ocean or sea. The company’s collection of luxury yachts offers you amazing amenities and features. These vehicles are spacious ranging from 84 ft to 328 ft in length. Larger yachts have luxury cabins that could accommodate 12 people max.

Other features of luxury yachts include a dining room that’s exquisitely designed as well as a galley furnished with all the cooking amenities that you could ever ask for. Some yachts have an indoor dining area that allows you to enjoy dining while taking the most vivid sunsets in the middle of the sea. There is a bar attended by a bartender. Some of the luxury yachts in the company’s listing have both indoor and outdoor bar.

The most luxurious yachts included in the company’s collection can include a sun deck roof with Jacuzzi, a massage parlor and beauty salon, dance floor, playroom for children, and a cinema with an amazing movie library. Luxury yachts can also include a flat screen TV, small sail boat or motor boat, and diving equipment.

Unadulterated pleasure, ultimate extravagance, and pure luxury are the things that you can expect from Elite1 Group’s luxury yacht collections. The company can make sure that your yachting experience is perfect in almost every detail, full of bliss, and worry free. Elite1 Group provides charter, sales, management, as well as crew replacement services in luxury yachts to handle the vital aspects of your fun and enjoyable yachting experience. The company’s operation is supported by state of the art technology that can give you confidence for truly comprehensive yachting resources available in the industry.