Interior Designing

The trend toward indulgent effects in residential homes and commercial business establishments is inviting. Luxury is becoming an integral part of interior design. The most common approach to incorporating a luxurious feature in homes or business establishment is room renovations. But, with the help of a professional interior design company, you have the opportunity to map out and achieve your goals without having to renovate your décor.

Elite1 Group is the premier luxury interior design company that can handle almost everything that must be done on your interior to make it luxurious. The interior design services offered by the company include interior design and concept creations, interior architecture, furniture and lighting, styling and accessorizing, branding, architectural concepts, and development management.

Interior Design and Concept Creation

Elite1 Group’s projects are based on artistic and architecture principle and they believe that the quality of design begins with proper details. The company promises to deliver unexpected, multifaceted, and inspiring interior designs. All of these are possible due to the organization’s extensive experience and unparalleled knowledge in interior design.

Interior Architecture

Elite1 Group’s approach to each interior design projects is holistic, helping each client develop spaces with a consistent and focused point of view. Providing clients with more than just an interior décor service, the expert interior designers understand the structure of your building, the location, as well as its cultural significance. The interior design experts can create relevant, contemporary, timeless and sophisticated designs. The organization has unrivalled experience in working with historical landmark buildings throughout the world.

Furniture and Lighting

Elite1 Group has a collaborative network of artists, craftsmen, and artisans. These are interior design experts dedicated to providing each client with highly quality service. The interior design experts can create limited edition designs, but they are also experienced in working with residential and commercial structure and promise to provide you with the most competitive interior design products in volume. Elite1 interior designers strive to provide clients with the perfect lighting settings to enhance the design of the interior project.

Styling and Accessorizing

Ornaments and artworks are vital components of luxury interior design. These are subversive, unique, and relevant. Elite1 Group has a close relationship with the best galleries and auction houses, and promise to provide you with a stock of extremely rare collectable pieces made by the designers and artists in the 19th and 20th century.


Elite1 Group can create flagship projects and memorable experiences that could create a familiar feel due to the complex, but subtle layering of different preferences in every space. Elite1’s distinctive interiors can reflect as well as represent your brand. The work of Elite1 has helped businesses create new brand identities and helped existing brands evolve in creative ways.

Development Management

Elite1 Group is responsible for some of the popular office and restaurant, retail, and residential developments across the world. Collaborations with Elite1 Group can add value to your interior design project. As an interior design consultancy, Elite 1 partners with businesses in joint ventures that contribute to their design experience and strategic interior design process that help bring maximized returns.