Executive Security

Elite1 Group strives for excellence in the executive security services they provide to give clients the highest standards in the security industry. The company has a high level of commitment to exceeding your expectations by taking a proactive approach to your security needs to earn your trust and confidence in the organization. Elite1 Group is a full service executive security company that offers professional unarmed and armed security across the world.

The organization offers a whole range of protective and security services specifically designed for the individual needs of clients. The organizations can provide clients with highly trained, retired and currency law enforcement officers to offer security to clients. Elite1 Group’s security personnel are experienced and well versed with the special needs for the security of dignitaries, executives, and individuals in need of tight security.

The organization assists clients through producing a comprehensive security threat assessment and formulating the best possible plan to deal with the potential threats. The company can provide clients with security surveys for workplaces, residences, and other locations to identify the best possible options in minimizing the security risks and maximizing safety.

Elite 1 Group customizes its executive services by matching security experts with the client’s specific needs. The versatility and diversity of the staff allow the organization to creative solve security threats through blending innovative solutions with traditional methods. The company works with retail, corporate, and private clients and provide services 24/7. Elite 1 Group provides executive security service to:

  • Executives
  • Dignitaries
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Political Figures
  • Professional Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Celebrities
  • Artists
  • Musicians

Elite1 Group prides itself in providing personal and expert service. The competent, experienced executive security personnel protect clients as well as the company’s professional reputations by giving skilled operatives in your case. You can expect that the protection services that the organization provides are discrete, professional, and reliable.

Elite1 Group offers you executive security protection, not just a bodyguard service. Through extensive planning and preparation on your behalf, the organization can tailor the security services they provide to your specific needs.

Board of Directors, CEOs, and other corporate leaders can have confidence that Elite 1 group can provide them with security against personal threats that arise from violence issues that relate termination, layoffs, and disgruntled employees. Corporate travelers can also seek the company’s security services if they are about to travel to unstable or dangerous environments.

Executive protection must not be mistaken for body guarding. Elite1 Group believes that the best executive security service is based on advanced planning and thorough preparation, timely information, use of highly trained and experience professionals, and liaison with the authorities. The organization provides a fully comprehensive personnel security protection service that can help clients create plans and strategies for deterring personal threats.

The company’s executive security services involve the implementation of thorough security surveys, agency liaison, equipment coordination, advance team deployment, escort services, and deployment of unarmed and armed agents.

To find out how Elite1 Group can protect you from any threats, contact the company today to schedule a meeting. Why would you take chances if you can rely on Elite1 Group’s executive security service?